Monday, January 7, 2008

Foreclosure Inspection Services

With all the foreclosures and “deals” coming on the market, folks are getting extremely excited about moving forward on their transaction and forgetting about a few minor, but important details. When you reach the inspection stage of the process you are going to want all the utilities functioning in order to get a complete and full inspection. It seems like a daunting task so we have compiled some helpful tips and information to help guide you through the process.
Electricity: If you are a current Georgia Power customer they will set up a separate account using all your existing information. They require notice at least 24 hours in advance and charge a $22.00 fee. Their phone number is 1-800-409-2545.
Natural Gas: You can call White Fence at 1-877-213-1053 to set up service with a number of providers including Georgia Natural Gas. If you are not a current customer they will run a credit check to see if a deposit is necessary but, if you are a current customer they can set up a separate account using your existing information. They charge a connection fee usually less than $50.00. They recommend calling to set it up at least a week in advance.
Water: Usually water can be turned on by the inspector for the short amount of time it will be needed for the inspection.
Home-Probe, Inc offers a service that includes powering up the house for the time of the inspection allowing the inspector access to all the same abilities that having activated utilities would provide. This special service costs only $150.00 in addition to the inspection fee and saves you all the hassle of calling around and waiting for the utility companies.

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